Sugarcoated Salon

Welcome to the Sugarcoated Salon! We are the place to be for a great new haircut, a fresh new haircolor, vintage hairstyling and the always perfectly straight eyeliner. But not just the vintage style! We think every woman deserves to feel amazing and we want you to leave our salon with the best feeling in the world! Feeling beautiful that is! For some that means that awesome vintage style, for others it is being ‘just’ foxy! We love it all!

With us there are no rules: men are welcome as well!

Evenings and Sunday's

Yeahhh the Sugarcoated Salon is now also open on Thursday evenings and on the last Sunday of the month. Requested by our clients (men and woman) from further away and those so busy with work on the 'normal' opening hours. Your wish is our command! Come visit the Sugarcoated salon for some sweet happy vibes. Email us to claim your spot.

Say YES!

The Sugarcoated Bridal Services! We would love to provide you with that great vintage hairdo and the best vintage make-up look. Pre-wedding we will plan a try out to make sure we know what your desired look for the wedding will be. On the big day we will come to a location picked out by you to prepare you for the best day of your life!

Honest advice

We would love to advise you what kind of haircolor/cut will suit you and your day to day life best! Wether that is the modern balayage technique or the vintage horseshoe haircut, we do it all! When you go for fashion colors we will provide you with a custom made color conditioner treatment for at home to freshen up your color inbetween appointments.