Sugarcoated Color Disclaimer

* We mix your color on the spot, this way you always have that one special color like no other. Afterwards we will provide you with a color conditioner matching to your new haircolor!

With this special mixture you should be able to keep up your haircolor for 3 washes before you come back to completely freshen up.

**Pastel and “vintage” colors are softer/lighter colors (regarding pigments). This is why these colors fade faster.

***When coloring hair we always use a so called ‘hair bond’. This is an extra product which we add to the mixture. It keeps the integrity of your hair in place, while locking the color in for a longer time and makes for healthier hair. It’s not possible to leave this bond out to get a reduction in price. We want to give you the best possible results, and this is the only way we can stand behind our results.

****Creative colors can sometimes stain, keep a close eye on your clothing and bedsheets when having wet hair. We will take no responsibility for stains in any belongings.

*****Always wash your hair with as cold water as humanly possible. When using warm water the color will wash out faster. Also, don’t wash your hair every day, the color won’t last long that way.

******Avoid using products that contain alcohol as much as possible. With this your color can fade faster.